Should You Add a Mobile Theme to Your Best WordPress Blog Or Website?

Mobile internet browsing is rising quickly in popularity.  There are more than 4 billion mobile devices international and their growth is happening 4 times as fast as the internet.

Is your website and/or blog mobile friendly?  If you want your share of that developing traffic, it needs to be.  A Multi-Purpos WordPress Theme will make your site easier to direct and faster to load for mobile device users.  It’s not just a “small screen” version of your site but a version setup exactly for mobile viewers.

If you don’t have a mobile theme installed yet, it’s a quick and informal fix!

WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack is a plugin you can install and activate like any additional WordPress plugin.  It will help you make your website and blog portable device open.

It includes a theme selection so you can pick one in a color that respects your regular website theme.  Once activated it watches what type of user is visiting and will mechanically show the right theme to mobile visitors.

Mobile Pack also comprises a mobile admin theme so that you can post and edit from your mobile device.  That’s a nice story to have if you’ve ever wanted to post to your blog or make an edit while you were out of the office and gone from your computer.

The plugin allows to to track your mobile analytics with PercentMobile, get recorded on mpexo for mobile sites, and integrates with WP Super Cache.

WordPress Mobile Edition

This is another, simpler plugin you can activate to make your website mobile friendly.  It doesn’t add a mobile admin theme but does automatically notice when a mobile device is visiting your site and shows the mobile version.  It also everything with WP Super Cache.


MoFuse bills itself as “The At ease Way to Be Mobile.”  It’s a rewarded service that offers many additional tools and services for your website.  It can pull your RSS feed and turn it into a mobile plan.  It updates every 15 minutes.


This is a free service for many sites with WordPress that supports all of the top devices.  It also gives you a way to customize your site design if you want to.  To use it, just install the Mobify WordPress plugin.


WPTouch is a plugin that makes a The7 Best Multi-Purpos WordPress Theme for your website when it’s being viewed from a touch device.

Mobile Press

Another free WordPress plugin you can use to create your blog portable-device friendly.  With this one you can create custom themes for different mobile browsers.  You can use it with Aduity for showing ads.

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Nikhil Porwal has been a work at home mom for more than 10 years and loves to share the tips and strategies she’s learned to help other businesspersons and small business owners.