What to Consider While Viewing for WordPress Themes?

So, you have absolute that you are going to make your website or blog on WordPress and now searching for a appropriate theme to move along the development. I would like to share my information regarding selection of a theme in this write-up.

I think that one should not only see the visual of a theme but should see its other important aspects as well. There are some large points namely: customizability, responsiveness, browser compatibility and cost that matter to selecting a good theme. Each of these matters otherwise to searching a perfect theme.

The two utmost features sought in the themes are: being open and wider browser compatibility.


As we all know that most of the internet users use their transferrable devices to access the internet, hence open web design becomes very important. A responsive design gets familiar automatically into the screen area of desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, without getting declined.

Browser Compatibility

Do you know every theme does not provision every browser? Browser compatibility substances a lot while selecting a theme. If a theme is not friendly with a particular browser then that web page will not be opened on the device using that browser. Because everyone does not contact the web using a single standard browser therefore a theme must be friendly with almost all standard browsers. Absolutely, a nice theme viewing wider browsers compatibility has been preferred by everyone.


A nice theme doesn’t let the user to mess with the HTML/CSS. The theme should have a page explaining how to adapt it. Of course, customization is necessary. A theme can’t be just seized and applied to a website or blog, but it needs to be customized up to some amount and then it becomes worth going on the website. Some themes feature “theme framework” that lets the user to make changes into the theme while in WordPress. Using the “theme options” if on WordPress, changes in header and colors could be done in single click.


Two options are available for the users regarding the cost matter. One is to select from free themes and second option is choosing from the best premium wordpress themes 2021. Whichever option you choose in order to make your blog or website, you should give importance to functionality over the cost.

So, before happening to download a nice theme, keep these factors in mind so that you could make a right choice.

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